Houston, You Deserve This: Introducing City Stout!

Houston, you deserve this: introducing City Stout our delicious!

There are many ways to welcome winter. (Preferably, without snow, freezing temps, and busted pipes – thank you very much!) At City Orchard, it’s with our favorite oatmeal stout, a delicious blend of chocolate, caramel, and coffee flavors with a sweet start and balanced finish.

City Stout is, above all, smoooooth, thanks to those oats! And while it’s packed full of roasty, toasty goodness, it’s an easy drinker at 5.8% ABV. A sessionable stout is possible, and it’s here on tap at City Orchard!

As if this creamy, dreamy new beer weren’t sumptuous enough…we’re serving it on nitro for that extra rich, foamy deliciousness. Sometimes we’re extra like that. But we know you won’t mind it one bit.

See you in the Taproom soon – a seasonal treat like this can’t last forever! And Houston, you’ve definitely earned a treat. 🥶 But you made it! So come and get your

City Stout and cheers!