Celebrate with our newest Ice Cider, Sweet Solstice!

Celebrate with our newest Ice Cider, Sweet Solstice!

With the winter solstice right around the corner, celebrate the arrival of our new ice cider, Sweet Solstice! Much like an ice wine, ice cider is created by freezing the fresh cider, resulting in a sweet golden cider (with a 13.5% ABV!). But don’t let the name ice cider fool you: Sweet Solstice is a winter warmer, perfect in front of a roaring fire or paired with dessert. Snuggle up, Buttercup! It’s going to be a sweet winter season. �� �� ❄️ ���� ❄️ �� ��

Now available by the glass and bottle to-go.

Ice cider is a niche dessert wine coming into its own; ice cider is sweeter and more alcoholic than hard cider.

Ice cider (aka apple icewine or cidre de glace in France) is the cider equivalent of ice wine: a fermented beverage made from frozen juice apples. The pressed apple juice

for ice cider is left in the natural cold for several months to force liquid ice crystals to form. The remaining thick apple syrup is then slowly fermented. Golden to amber-hued ice cider shows rich apple notes and pleasant sweet-to-tart flavor profiles.

This rich and full-bodied cider has balance and versatility. Sweet Solstice is a fantastic apéritif with cheese and appetizers, dessert wine, or a fireside nightcap sipper’.

The perfect gift for the wine connoisseur, the person who has everything, anyone you love, or yourself!