Say Hola to our Newest Series, Cider Nuevo!

Say hola to our newest series, Cider Nuevo!

Cider Nuevo is here! We’re breaking all the rules of cider making. We’re not sorry.

Introducing the innovative Cider Nuevo series, infused with post-wine-pressing grape skins (hello, pét-nat fans!) and bottle conditioned. Try our first two releases in the Taproom now for a taste of something truly fresh, sometimes co- fermented, and always uniquely delicious.

We are releasing the first two bottles from this brand-spakin’ new series, High

Summer and June Drop, today at our Taproom. Two additional bottles, Petal Fall and Mellow Gold, will be available

later this month. If you don’t already, sign up for our InCiders Email first!

for those deets

High Summer is a co-fermented blend of Ida Red apple juice and Roussanne grape skins from the Texas High Plains. Bottle-conditioning yields subtle hints of bready yeast and white pepper. Bone-dry with a beautiful mix of tropical fruit and tart apple, this is the summer love child of a Saison and an Albariño.

For June Drop we took Petite Sirah grape skins steeped in Ida Red apple juice to produce a bold and fruit-forward dry cider with a gorgeous ruby color. Bottle- conditioned and reminiscent of a lambic, exploding with bright jammy berries and a soft finish.

New ciders to die for…new merch to dye for! To celebrate Cider Nuevo, we’ve got a very limited run of hand-dyed t-shirts and tanks available for purchase at the Taproom.